Since 1985, Rotary Champions has awarded over $300,000 in college scholarships.

Two overall Champions, the top male and top female nominees are awarded $5,000 college scholarships at the annual awards ceremony each May.

Past Champions

Year Champion High School
2017 Maria Mettler Air Academy
2016 Edie Stratham Lewis-Palmer
2015 Alison Popelar Rampart
2014 Mische Hubbard Mesa Ridge
2013 Morgan Burch Cheyenne Mountain
2012 Amelia Evans Air Academy
2011 Tenley Barr St Mary's
2010 Jenna Gregoire Rampart
2009 LaTraia Scott Coronado
2008 Elle Clarke Cripple Creek - Victor
2007 Kristen Hughes Lewis - Palmer
2006 Sammi Mosier Woodland Park
2005 Christina Cutter Cheyenne Mountain
2004 Jenny Custer Doherty
2003 Kaitlin Barlow Air Academy
2002 Erica Krautheim Cheyenne Mountain
2001 Rebecca Gardner Doherty
2000 Jessica Stratton Coronado
1999 Sean McMurray Woodland Park
1998 Julie Crockett Doherty
1997 Heather Stites Palmer
1996 Kelly Turner Rampart
1995 Jennifer Coalson Ellicott
1994 Amy Gresh Rampart
1993 Jackie Pelley Hanover
1992 Kayci Emry Lewis - Palmer
1991 Kerry Kunkle Rampart
1990 Christina Richards Fountain Valley
1989 Jana Scholfield Palmer
1988 Jennifer Oraker Palmer
Year Champion High School
2017 Max Martinez Widefield
2016 Andrew Weiss Rampart
2015 Peter McAvoy Pine Creek
2014 Andrew Boyle Air Academy
2013 Tucker Hamilton Rampart
2012 Ryan Arata Lewis-Palmer
2011 Spencer Wenck Palmer Ridge
2010 Eric James Mitchell
2009 Jake Ripp Air Academy
2008 Antonio Sanchez Wasson
2007 Garrett Fiddler Doherty
2006 Calvin Kress Liberty
2005 Antonio Ricciardi Peyton
2004 Julian Mellini Cheyenne Mountain
2003 Brandon Wilson Liberty
2002 Chase Headley Fountain - Fort Carson
2001 Nick Brown Woodland Park
2000 Justin Jocham Rampart
1999 James Trask Air Academy
1998 Geoffrey Morrison Air Academy
1997 Robert Crockett Doherty
1996 Jason Oraker Palmer
1995 David Grenardo St Marys
1994 Bob Book Miami - Yoder
1993 Donte Stewart Fountain - Fort Carson
1992 Paul Sopko Miami - Yoder
1991 Justin Armour Manitou Springs
1990 Ryan Louvar Wasson
1989 Michael Dawson St Marys
1987 John Suazo Manitou Springs
1986 Derek Abeta Coronado
1985 Anthony Roberson Sierra

Letter From a Champion

Dear Mr. Gaines and Rotary Members,
I wanted to write to thank you extensively for the scholarship that I have received over the past four years towards my Yale University education. It has helped and meant a lot and, hopefully, one day I will be able to help foster and endorse the attainability of academic goals just as the Rotary has done for me. Your scholarship has allowed me to pursue my major of History of Science, History of Medicine with a concentration in Biotechnology and its Application. After graduation this May, I will pursue my Master’s in Public Health, specifically in Health Policy or Health Economics. After obtaining my Master’s, I will attend medical school with the hopes of becoming a pediatric radiologist. You have contributed to the foundation allowing me to pursue these goals; I will never be able to thank you enough.


Christina Cutter
Yale University
Davenport College 2009


A Rotary Champion demonstrates athletic and leadership skills on and off the field. In short, a solid dedicated competitor who also motivates, inspires and assists teammates. Sound like someone you know?

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